Helichrysum Essential Oil for hearing loss, tinnitus and ear healing

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Helichrysum oil, also known as ‘Everlasting’ and ‘Immortal’ essential oil, is made from the European flower species H.Angustifolium and H. Italicum. The oil is well known for its restorative properties to the skin, liver and nervous system but I discovered that it is also known for its ability to help ear health problems such as hearing loss and tinnitus.

I’ve compiled all the information and positive reports from users that I found here so you don’t have to search for it. They should link to the original page:

We found information that Helichrysum can help if the hearing loss is due to infection and inflammation, and also in some cases of nerve damage. Results can be wonderful, with profound hearing returning, to much more subtle improvements with some hearing only restored after several months of use. If hearing loss is due to deterioration or arthritis of the small bones in the ear – most likely there will be no improvement at all. As with any medication or medical plan, there are no guarantee’s

I had no hearing in my left ear at all. For two month I used Helichrysum Blend in the morning and in the evening. I put the oil on a small cotton ball and put it inside my ear. Sometimes I put Lavender on it as well. I can talk on the phone now and hear like normal.

I used Helichrysum Blend for tinnitus! It took a week or two to notice a difference, and it’s completely gone after about 5 months. I used a drop of Helichrysum on a cotton ball at night and put it in ear. About 2-3x a day I apply it around my ear and the back side of my ear (next to my hairline).

Good for nerve damage. Also use for ringing in ears. Put on mastoid bone and ringing disappears.

My husband is living testimony to hearing loss – using this oil brought a lot of it back, and he hasn’t stopped using it yet.

It works great on all ear ailments. BIG time! Just put some on the tip of your pinky finger and rub it into the ear canal until you hear it clicking and sloshing a bit. smile emoticon From my knowledge base, you mustn’t drop Essential Oil’s directly INTO the ear canal, but rubbing it into the outer ear canal in powerful on all ear issues.

Helichrysum is great for tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

My new journey with Helichrysum has been amazing. I have struggled with Meniere’s for two years, with tinnitus, hearing loss and vertigo. I began with Lavender and then add this one. This combination has helped with these in wondrous ways. I have not had a vertigo attack since I started this duo. Wow! 

Some people claim that Helichrysum can improve hearing and reverse some loss of hearing (active in motivating heavy metals to leave brain and auditory areas – chelating agent for metallic, chemicals and toxins).

I am hearing impaired and have read about this oil, so I found this company and ordered it. I got this oil from this company on Saturday 16th and started to put the oil behind my ears as well in the ear canal, but do not drip the oil into the eardrum. I have been doing this twice a day and within 3 days I was getting better clarity in my hearing. I wasn’t wearing hearing aids and I was able to hear family talk behind me while the tv was on and browsing on the iPad. I have only been doing this for a week total, but will continue ….. Very excited about the potential..

Helichrysum Essential Oil has been used for hearing loss due to nerve damage. One customer who heard other deaf people experience success, applied it daily around the outside of his ears and inside as far as the pointer finger could fit and in 3 months was hearing through walls, something he had not been able to do since he went deaf when he was 5 years old.

My sister suddenly had complete nerve deafness in her left ear 19 years ago. Doctors told her there was nothing they could do. After hearing that they had had success in Egypt using Helichrysum for nerve deafness, she decided to give it a try. What did she have to lose? After faithfully applying one drop of Helichrysum daily to the mastoid bone behind her ear for 7 months, she had regained significant hearing in her left ear. After 11 months, it was even greater. Praise God for Helichrysum!

I bought this because I have severe tinnitus from a brain tumor. So far this is providing me some relief, a lessening in the noise I hear.

I suffered a head injury from a motor vehicle accident 20 years ago and lost hearing in my left ear. One year ago I hit my head and had recurrent symptoms similar to the head injury 20 years ago–tinnitus and fullness in the head and difficulty hearing in my good ear. I was especially concerned to conserve my hearing in my right ear. I put Helichrysum oil around the ear and on the reflex points for the brain and ear on my feet. I repeated this every 20 min and after 2 hours my symptoms disappeared! I was amazed!

But after about four days, I thought I was hearing better, but wasn’t sure of it. After a week, there was no doubt about it. I was able to hear the minister, and take part in conversations where only one person was speaking at a time. Also, for the first time in several years, I was able to hear the birds singing outside the house. It was so wonderful hearing them sing.

Off course I can’t verify any of these statements but I decided to give it a try anyway.  It’s quite a scarce plant so prices are high and my 5 ml bottle cost me just over £20 (Corsican variety of H. italicum). But given it it has so many wonderful benefits I wanted to introduce it to my medicinal kit. Anyway, for me, I would give every last penny I have to get my hearing back so what’s £20 anyway?

I’ve been using Helichrysum oil for about a month now every night before I go to bed. I’m massaging a few drops of it undiluted, directly to the outside of my ears and just inside the bowl (please do not put ANYTHING directly into your ears) and all around the ear at the scalp and a bit down the neck. Its a nice soothing thing to do for oneself and takes very little time to do. I’m going to start massaging it into the ear reflexology points of my feet from now on. This is just below the two little toes


Its already shown itself to be a fantastic wound healer. I had a really deep cut to my thumb from a clumsy accident with the guillotine. It wouldn’t heal for at least a week. When my Helichrysum Oil finally arrived I dabbed a bit of it on my wound and the next day it seemed to have started healing over. It really was quite a difference.

Some of the properties of Helichrysum Essential Oil that I found online: 

  • Encourages cell growth and repair – speeds up the healing of wounds, bruises and bones, and reduces the appearance of skin marks, wrinkles, stretch marks and scars.
  • Smooths, moisturizes and softens skin. Used in anti-aging products for its rejuvenating benefits to the skin (emollient)
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation (anti-inflammatory)
  • Can ease digestive, facial, or pulmonary spasms as well as other muscle spasms  (Anti-spasmodic)
  • Helps to thin the blood (anti-coagulant)
  • Protects wounds from becoming septic and can be directly applied to wounds, cuts, pricks, and any other open sores that could become infected (antiseptic)
  • Protects the body against many microbial infections – anti-microbial/anti-viral/anti-fungal.
  • Strengthens, regenerates and protects the nervous system (nervine)
  • Soothes, regulates, protects and detoxifies the liver (hepatic)
  • Keeps the spleen healthy and free from infections (splenic)
  • Clears accumulation of blood or blood clots (anti-hematic)
  • Expectorant – warms the respiratory system and gives relief from continuous cough and congestion
  • Energetically and emotionally –
    • opens and strengthens the solar plexus
    • uplifts and increases feeling of safety and security.
    • cuts through emotional blocks and allows release of repressed emotions.
    • strengthens patience, persistence and compassion
    • for those who do too much, try to control too much and take too little time out for themselves causing resentment, frustration, irritability, and moodiness. For those with a negative attitude brought on by the vulnerability of emotional trauma.

Given these properties, Helichrysum Oil is indicated within the treatment of

skin disorders, digestive disorders, bronchitis, colds, coughs, gallbladder infections, menstrual cramps, and sinus infections, asthma, bronchitis, whooping cough, headaches, liver ailments, arthritis, backache, carpal tunnel syndrome, rheumatism, and sciatica, varicose veins, hearing loss and tinnitus….and much more.

Other oils indicated to help for tinnitus and hearing loss conditions include:

Lavender, Geranium, Cypress and Juniper Berry.

Have you found any benefits to your hearing loss or tinnitus from Helichrysum Oil?

Please let me know…comment below. I’d really like this blog to become a resource of positive news stories for others recovering from this condition or similar ones. There is WAY TOO MUCH information online telling us that hearing loss cannot be restored….with this brain-washing it’s no wonder we don’t get better!

Our minds are powerful, lets focus on tapping into the body’s innate healing capability. We must believe it is possible. So lets put all the good new stories in one place and focus on those x

45 thoughts on “Helichrysum Essential Oil for hearing loss, tinnitus and ear healing

  1. Sounds like a fascinating oil. Never heard of this one before. It’s interesting you mention the foot reflexology point just under the little toe – I broke the bone in my left little toe a week ago and the surrounding area is bruised and for the last 2 days I’ve had pulsatile tinnitus in my left ear! It demonstrates the connection rather neatly!


    1. Hey Moni, that’s so interesting. I hope your toe heals quickly. if you can get some of this oil it will help speed up healing time…Arnica also..you can use mine when I see you x


  2. Hello Candice. I’ve just discovered your inspirational blog. I truly wish you so well in your recovery. I would be grateful if you could suggest a reputable place to buy this essential oil. Thank you so much.


    1. Thank you Sasha x I went on a wild goose chase with this oil. I wanted to get a high quality oil but without paying extortionate prices. I don’t want to promote the company here because I can’t vouch for their quality, in the end it was only my personal research and judgement…but I will message you privately.


  3. Hello Candice, I’ve just been reading your story…you’ve been through hell and back, I feel terribly for you but you sure are an extremely strong and resilient woman…I wish I had your strength. I just want to know…how are you now? I hope you’re doing better and that you are truly starting to heal. God bless you, keep writing, keep inspiring and most of all…keep well 🙂


  4. I have Menieres and the idea that an oil could help my vertigo attacks and ringing has me so excited! Please, can anyone tell me what they have used? Straight or a blend? If a blend, please tell me what it is!! I anxiously await your posts!!


    1. Hi, just to let you know the blog has moved to http://www.healingthedizzies.com please resubscribe there I have discussed other approaches to.
      I do hope it helps you. I used it for abut 6-8 weeks but didnt see any difference. I think I didn’t use it for long enough. You can use it straight and just a few drops massaged around the OUTSIDE of the ear. (dont put inside please)


  5. I used the Helichryum oil on my mother’s ears & it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen! After just a few days, possibly close to a week, we were standing in the kitchen. She asked what that sound was. I had to listen & figure out what she was talking about. It was the toaster oven making a slight ticking sound! She said that she never knew that the toaster made any sound at all! Her hearing continued to improve.
    Sadly, she began to have strokes and passed away before her hearing was totally restored! But if nothing else, that made me a belever in the Essential oils!
    I have had many amazing things happen using the essential oils!

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  6. I have some on the way!!
    I wear hearing aids in both years. My nerves in my ears were damaged during an emergency c-section.

    I’m hopeful. This handicap causes a lot of irritability with my family. You think they would be more understanding. It happened 23 years ago. I am so ready to stop being treated gruffly and belittled because of my handicap

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    1. 😦 makes me so sad to hear this Terri and I’m sending you lots of love and hugs on the airwaves. You’d think the people closest to us would be the most understanding when something like this, so tragic happens, but its often not the way as I saw myself. My family have hardly even been around for me. I hope you can tap into a wealth of online support. Please follow my blog which has moved to http://www.healingthedizzies.com I keep this site here as it still shows up high in the searches but I dont write new posts here.

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  7. I’m suffering with hearing loss at young age having less than 30 years, where i’m unable to absorb low sounds and sometimes feel that i’m unable to understand others person speech. When I went for ear diagnosis test, the report says that suffering with nerve damage. Kindly, suggest the methodology and practices to get rid out from this problem.


    1. I wish I had such answers for you. You can read the section on natural approaches to healing where I talk about things I am doing to try to cure myself. Good luck!


  8. HI Candice, I’m a proud young adult Survivor living with severe hearing loss due to years of intense chemo/radiation treatments. I’ve tried the helichrysum oil before from DoTerra applying on my ears but didn’t make any improvements. It’s been really hard for me when my parents get frustrated trying to talk to me, which is why now I’m gonna give it another shot to see if it can hopefully help restore some hearing in both my ears. I purchased one from Healing Solutions and will start applying around my ears and inside so we’ll see!


    1. I’m proud of you. Keep going! and please let us know how you get on.
      Please note the blog has moved so you wont be seeing the more recent posts. Please go to http://www.healingthedizzies.com and particularly read the latest posts in the natural healing section. I personally believe that some of the information there is critical to understanding and tackling the cause of SSHL.


  9. Thanks for this post, I am 31 years old and was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease September 2015. I tired almost all the medicines but nothing could improve my constant feeling of dizziness, tinnitus, pressure in the ear and vertigo. Hoping this could fix the mess I am in . I will try this oil, can any one recommend which brand I should take and what is the best way to use in for Meniere’s


    1. Thanks for the post. I have tinnitus. I would like to try this oil. Can you recommend which type of Helichrysum essential oil to use for my ear ? Where to purchase it? And there are some posts that say not to use on the ear, I don’t want to sue the wrong oil.


  10. Dear Candice

    Thank you so much for sharing all this information and giving me and others hope. I was diagnosed with labrynthitis in May and it came with hearing loss in my left ear. The ENT specialists have now said that I have permanent hearing loss and there’s nothing more that they can do to help. I also now have tinnitus in my right ear and I’m really worried about losing my hearing in this ear too.
    I’d be willing to try this oil, but like others would welcome information about the best quality there is out there. Any recommendations would be gratefully received.

    Many thanks


    1. I’m sorry to hear you’re going through this as well. Because of the large volume of requests I’ve had for recommendations I’ve added a few suggestions in the blog post. Please also look at all my posts in the ‘natural approach’ section of my website. I hope you will find some valuable information there. Candice x


  11. After reading these comments, I just bought helichrysum essential oil 100 ml. My hearing ability was perfectly alright till I was 17 years old . Then I got MDR Tuberculosis. For which I was forced to use powerful antibiotic injections in order to save my life. Otherwise I would have died. By 18 years, TB completely got cured, however I lost my hearing ability and got completely deaf due to damage of nerves and side effects of antibiotics.

    I bought this oil 100 ml just to give a try, can someone tell me how my hearing will be restored and how to use this oil


    1. There is no guarantee this will restore your hearing. All I have done is compile the information I’ve found online in one place…just rub a drop or two into your fingers and massage around the outer ear (not inside ear) every day. Let me know if it works for you.

      This is the old page, please go to the new site at http://www.healingthedizzies.come


  12. I have used Helicrysom misspelled
    For about a week now
    I have not noticed anything better yet but am going to keep putting it around my ears and inside but not in ear canal
    Once in a while a ringing sounds
    But mostly sound like crickets
    Constantly is that part of the
    What is called tintinitis too
    Wear hearing aids in order to hear at all
    I am also putting the H down side of neck under ears. H is mixed with jojoba oil. Pre- blended it says on bottle
    Where can I get the 4 oils in a bottle
    Need phone number and name of product


  13. Hi , My mom has a recent hearing loss, various sounds coming from ear and some dizziness. Doctors said they do not know why this happen and there is no cure for it. I want to give helichrysum oil a try. But I want to know how much oil has to be mixed carrier oil and which is best carrier oil. Please reply. Thank you


  14. I have started the treatment using this amazing oil. My ears feel very warm after application. Is this normal? I also take Vinpocetine for brain health? Any help would be appreciated.


    1. Hi Lani, You are following an old blog. I suggest you go over to http://www.healingthedizzies.com and subscribe to get all the newer content. I’ve added lots of content and new discoveries around hearing loss but this site here doesn’t update. I just leave it here so people can find me. I wouldn’t be alarmed if your ears feel warm unless they are uncomfortable, sore or itchy.


  15. Hi Candice, I know this is an old blog and have bookmarked your new one. I found a link on the proper healing technique with the use of this essential oil and the suggestion to combine it with geranium for any emotional attachments to hearing loss. I am sharing here, because when doing a Google search this blog ranks high on the search engine and was led here when investigating essential oils for hearing loss and want others to also see it. Thank you so much for sharing this information. If I see improvements, I will let you know for sure.

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  16. I really liked this article, however I am not aware of oils you use, or their quality, I learned more as if it is too cheap I better be suspicious. As for me at least in United states there are currently 2 companies providing pure quality oils one is do terra and other is Young Living, the second one is older and has it own farms where the process is highly controled. Im not gonna brag about it, but I settled for young living few years back when I discovered having low thyroid, with their oils and suplements I compeletly healed my thyroid, so I totally understand what it means when someone says it has to be like that to the rest of your life. I skept hormonal trestments because I didnt want to to live that way all ,y life plus I was afraid of side effects. I am addicted to those oils,slowly I am learning more and teaching my family tp use those as seems like pills arent needed anymore for us. Also just wanted to mention for the lady who said oil didnt work for her. First is quality, oils supposed to be able to work on molecular level,tested many different ways, and be cool distilled ( thats just in short) second it slowly detoxyfies the body,more detoxed, oil will work faster, for 3rd which very few mentions the body needs proper vitamin intake for oils to reach their full potential, and lots of us with today bad food do not have proper vitamin intake. At the end of the day the plant itself is a very powerful medicine, we treat it as something easy yet, for example certain herbs can badly interract with chemical pills, or even be blocked by them, aromatherapy requires constant learning in order to make the best out of it 🙂 and that is how this article ended up in my google search, Good job!!!


  17. Hello. name is Momma Tea 61. I have been doing a little research into essential oils. Ive rescently started into eos about 6-7 months ago. Was looking for ways to help me as I was diagnosed a few years back with menieres due to several ear infections and sinsusitis please excuse the spelling. Have been wearing hearing aides since 08-09. Have have had surgery several times. My ENT at the time told me the hearing loss is from damage from since child hood nerve damage. The hearing aides help but I would love to get up each day and be able to hear normally. My family has been upset at me because of loss. they dont understand. I just read about H…. and I’m starting it as of tonight. I pray to the man upstairs it helps. I have been through 2 marriages and i motherd 11 children myself. Have been on my own with all 11 of them. I live on a limited income and raising 1 last beautiful daughter. HAd my truck messed up due to litting a numb skull work on it and with his intentions…fouled up the exhaust, now cant drive it, its been disable for 8 months now. trying to save money but so far, not working and i am praying this at least helps to a point. Will try and give update here in a few days. God bless everyone.
    Momma tea61 in OHIO.


  18. Hi Candice,
    I came upon your blog and thank you for sharing your amazing experience!
    For me I’m a young adult brain cancer Survivor who suffers from severe hearing loss in my left ear and profound in my right due to years of intense chemo, radiation, and BMT treatments.
    For years now my Mom has been helping me applying DoTerra blend oils from a small ML bottle to my front & back of my ears and mastoid bone every evening after dinner.
    I am very curious what Helichrysum oil brand do you use to help heal and restore your hearing?
    I’d greatly appreciate it if you can let me know, thanks!


    1. Hi Justin, Apologies for taking so long to get back to you. This is the old site – the new site is at http://www.healingthedizzies.com.
      Sorry to hear what you have been going through. i’m so glad you have the support of your mum through this.
      Have you noticed the oil helping?
      I cannot recommend a specific brand of oil as I have not used enough of them to compare each other. i simply went online and looked for the brand that seemed to be cleanest and within my price range. It’s not a cheap oil!


  19. Hi.just read your article.super Interesting.im going to try the helocrysum for hearing loss and tinnutis.fo I need to use a carrier oil?also would lavender and helocrysum mixed together work to rub around the ear?thank you


    1. Yes you will definitely need to dilute it. Please do read my other posts on natural healing as I do strongly believe that hearing loss needs to be healed by getting to the root cause…which is normally things like viral infection, toxicity and overburdened liver. I have not yet had anyone contact me to say that Helichrysum Oil has cured them since I compiled this article. Part of the problem I think is that the oil is so expensive it is prohibits longer term use.


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