How not to be a dick to deaf people

This post made me laugh so much I just had to share it ! 🙂

Bea Webster

(PART 1)

I thought I would put up my own sort of a very brief mini deaf awareness blog that may contain non-PG words (actually, it does). They are of course my opinion, and may not apply to all deaf people. I’ve thrown in a few of my experiences for better understanding, and maybe some giggles. We’ll see.

Note: if you did any of the below without ill intentions, but someone corrected you and you stopped doing it, then that’s fine… But if you keep doing it, then that’s another story.

1. Appreciate that there are many different types of ‘deafness’, and not all deaf people are the same.

For example, I’m a cochlear implant user, and for me that means I have total hearing as much as amachine can give me, but just not the hearing ‘hearing’ people have, thus I can hear and speak relatively well. In my…

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